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but we focus on the tools you’ll need to be an effective and successful educator. Collaborating with districts across the state, Utah Teachers is a teacher training program designed to help an APT Level 1 license holder with an Elementary (K-8) or Secondary (7-12) concentration satisfy the training component of the Entry Year Enhancements (EYE) necessary to gain a Level 2 license.

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How It Works

In October 2016, the Utah State Board of Education issued final approval of an alternative route to earning a Utah Educator License known as the Academic Pathway to Teaching (APT). An APT Level 1 license allows a candidate to become a teacher in a school district while completing the Entry Year Enhancements (EYE) requirement necessary for Level 2 licensure. Our teacher training coursework, aligned to the Utah Effective Teaching Standards, will help you develop the teaching skills and strategies to be a successful educator.

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A full year’s access to the online training coursework is only $2500. The payment may be spread over 10 months in equal installments.  At the districts sole discretion, they may choose to enroll in payroll deduction with Utah Teachers.

Utah Teachers will provide the following:


  • Provide Teacher Readiness training curriculum for one full year.
  • Ensure candidates complete the Utah ethics training and ensure they pass their required subject matter test.
  • Optional: Utah Teachers can provide the necessary first year coaching visits by qualified coaches and will provide the training necessary for candidates to progress to the next phase of their license.   The coach will provide a recommendation to the district after completion of first year training.  Cost:  $750
  • Provide continued access to online training to teacher candidates for additional months, if desired. An extension fee of $300 will be charged for each additional month.

The School or District will provide the following:


  • Complete background check on teacher candidates
  • Hire candidates that fit district needs – ensure candidate applies, pays for, and receives APT license
  • Work with candidates to earn Level 2 License
    • Provide Master Teacher to supervise the candidate for period of three years
    • Utilize Utah Teachers training as required training
    • Provide additional training if desired by the district
    • Ensure candidate passes educator ethics assessment
    • Ensure candidate completes second background check
    • Ensure candidate completes the Youth Suicide prevention course
    • Candidate will pay fees for license
    • Provide online recommendation, if candidate qualifies, for Level 2 license

Why Utah Teachers

Get Started With A Rewarding Teaching Career

A rewarding teaching career

We pride ourselves in helping develop quality teachers for Utah schools. Our comprehensive training empowers teachers to make a difference in the lives of their students.

Flexible schedule

Training that fits your schedule

Our flexible, online coursework can be completed at your own pace, and at your convenience. The curriculum is designed to allow candidates a deeper understanding of how students learn best. Full access to teacher training is provided immediately after enrollment.

Utah Teachers Professional Team


We work hard to provide all the support needed for you to succeed in your teaching career.  Our expert Program Advisors are always available to guide you to reach your goals.

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